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Service spectrum

Focused on the micro-material processing, we develop customer-specific machine concepts and best technological solutions for laser applications. As experts with years of experience in the field of laser technology, we are partners with the following research areas:

  • Development of new machine concepts
  • Solution of complex manufacturing tasks
  • Bringing basic research results into new products and processes

The proximity to the Technical University of Ilmenau and numerous partnerships offer us the best possible conditions for the development of innovative products and processes.


As a research and application centre being also a member of the Thüringer Laserberatungsverbund (Association of Thuringia Laser Consultants) we can provide:

  • Experimental applications
  • Manufacture of samples up to large series
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market analyses, competitor comparisons
  • Initial and further training

At our disposal we have not only a range of equipment and machinery but also a variety of laser beam sources. The sophisticated measuring and testing equipment we use guarantees consistent high quality.


  • Precision laser cutting and welding
  • Lasermarking and engraving
  • Laser welding for tool repairs
  • Highprecision tube work
  • Microdrilling
  • Film removal
  • Laser microstructuring
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