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ReferenzkundenReference customersReferenzkunden

Reference customers

Here we would like to show you some different machines which were made to customers requirements.

Company:W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, Bürmoos, Austria
Branch:Medical industry
Machine:Precison laser cutting and welding machine MLA 500
Company:Geräte- und Pumpenbau Merbelsrod GmbH, Merbelsrod, Thüringia
Branch:Automotive industry
Application:laserwelding of an aluminium cover in a casing of aluminium die casting
Machine:Four laser welding systems, three in automatic chaining, used in 3-shift operation
Company:Möller Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda
Branch:Medical industry
Machine:Precision laser processing machine precicut 50/35
Company:LiMaB GmbH, Rostock
Machine:Precision laser cutting and welding machine precicut 100/60
Company:MOM GmbH, Rathenow
Application:Glasses frames
Machine:laser cutting and welding machine precicut 50/35
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